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Moon (David Allred)

Releaseday: September the 24th '16

Preorder: September the 3rd '16

The normal edition: cardboard with image "moon" on the front. The folder is with a sticker (front) and a picture inside. The 10" vinyl and a 10-sided folder with lyrics, credits and pictures are inside.

normal: price 8€

The special edition is limited of 30: A hand-sewn bag incl. Button and a small bag for a picture on the front. Backside the titel and the number of the copy...ironed both! In the bag a carton folder with pictures and the 10" vinyl. Also a 10-sides folder with lyrics, credits and additional pictures.

special: solt out!

David Allred Bundle:

osc 05 + osc 08

what for a bundle-format do you want? cd, vinyl...please contact me!

Music by David Allred. Vocals by David Allred and Heather Woods Broderick. Recorded in Portland Oregon in "The Sparkle", Woods, Oregon, 2016.