nu nog even niet - #1 & #2

Nu Nog Even Niet is a 'poetry meets music' project by Chantal Acda & Lotte Dodion.

Some kind words about these beautiful project from the artists:




Do you know that saying 'life happens when you're busy make other plans'?

Precisely that happened. I was in the middle of several projects when Chantal turned to me with the wonderful plan to set my words to music. And after our first talk already, 'Nu nog even niet' changed: from a project, it became life.

Together we created this beautiful black hole where you can take a break from time and space. Whatever is pulling you down like gravity, we got your back. 

I was invited to play some songs at a poetry evening.

I heard Lotte perform her poetry there and I was immediately touched. That same evening I went home with some of her writings and I started writing the first EP. It just happened. Without a plan. We had coffee and decided we should share this with people. Her words still take me to the things I find hard to talk about. To be able to translate these words to music means a lot to me. I hope it will reach you at the right time and place.


#1 #2


Houston we have a problem     

Kaper op de kust  


Dat ik het niet geweten heb

De nieuwe wereld


Aansluiting gemist





standard special
12" vinyl + dlc 12" vinyl + dlc
limited of 250 limited of 39
cover art by Rutger Zuydervelt handmade edition
8-sided booklet with Lottes poetry with Lottes poetry
price: 14€ sold out!