dormer. - s/t

Releaseday august the 27th / preorder starts august the 6th
dormer. is Charlie Berger from Toronto

All songs written, performed and recorded by dormer. (Charlie Berger).

Mastered by Michael Briggs.


Dormer is an exercise in minimalism and restraint. Inspired by artists in the slowcore genre, Charlie Berger, a multi-instrumentalist from Toronto, crafts low-key, sparse, guitar-driven songs that emphasize the space between the music as much as the music itself. Recorded in his home studio quietly while his infant daughter slept in the next room, Charlie sought to write songs that evoked the feelings of isolation and yearning that came from being locked inside while the world outside was in turmoil.

Soon Enough


    Once a While

Buyer Beware

                                            Finish Lane


     Deep End

     Into The Woods



Dormer’s debut self-titled album is 10 tracks of slowcore-infused, slow indie rock. Recommended for fans of Pedro the Lion, Duster, early Death Cab for Cutie and the Shipping News

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