pascal babare - cave without a name

On September 17th, 2021 Pascal Babare (Melbourne, Australia) will release his album "Cave Without A Name" on oscarson. Pascal is a songwriter and it is already his 4th album. Lucy Roleff is also featured as a guest musician on this album. "Cave Without A Name" is limited to 125 handnumbered copies and contains a multi-page booklet including lyrics and photos. The packaging is completely handmade!
Pre-order starts august 27th.

Pascal Babare

Cave Without A Name


While honeymooning in Italy and reconnecting with his familial roots, Pascal Babare discovered a love of ‘40s and ‘50s Italian pop music; specifically the playful, lilting orchestration characteristic of songs from the era. Arriving back in Australia and feeling inspired by this new musical connection, Babare began work on a suite of songs with arrangements specifically tailored to a small group of his musician-friends, including Oscarson contemporary and longtime collaborator Lucy Roleff.  Cave Without A Name - Babare’s fourth solo LP - is the result, a lush and intimate set of chamber-folk songs densely populated by warm analogue timbres and Babare’s characteristically wry and personal lyrics. 


There’s always been an underlying polarity in Babare’s work, a juxtaposition of dark lyrical themes with mellifluous arrangements. This dynamic is further refined on Cave Without A Name - on the opening track, ‘Haunted House’, Babare sings of a fever dream in which he’s haunted by his own impermanence, while a bouncy plucked bassline leads harmonised wind and reed parts. There’s both an earnestness and a harshness in the way Babare muses on internal struggles, struggles that are often contrasted with the beauty and enormity of the natural world. On the languid and dreamy country ballad ‘Move Like Water’, his psychedelic descriptions of star-gazing in the bush are punctuated with the realisation: “there’s nothing here for you to call your own”. 


These juxtapositions – the magical and the material, the dream and the reality – are the core tension in Cave Without A Name. Babare’s interior life is always overshadowed by the external, his sombre lyrics always swept up in transporting melody. It’s through these contradictions that Babare paints an intimate portrait of himself and his relationship to the world, a portrait that is simultaneously vivid and opaque. Much like trying to describe someone’s face from a dream, you get the sense Babare is always striving to articulate a thought or feeling that he knows is intangible and already gone.


side A  -  Haunted House  -  Fold  -  The Callcentre  -  Easy Way  -  Lightning
side B  -  Time, Oh Time  -  Hazel Mae  -  Duet  -  Mother  -  Move Like Water  -  Violent Man  -  My Heart

Players: Lucy Roleff (flute + voice); Peter Head (cello); Sebastian Beswick (clarinet); Leyla Varela (voice); and Pascal Babare.


Thanks and love to Lucy, Peej, Seb, Leylz, Alexio, Trent, Pep, Moonbazz, Gus, Corn, Seth, Mitchy, Matthias, mum, dad, & Po. 


All songs written and produced by Pascal Babare, all songs recorded by Pascal Babare in his Coburg home studio and at Electric Dreams Studio.


price: 20€