Brigid Mae Power - The ones you keep close

Brigid Mae Power is an Irish singer/songwriter who has already released a full length record on Tompkins Square. The six pieces on the EP “The Ones You Keep Close” were recorded in the summer of 2016 as the last session by Peter Broderick at his Woods, Oregon-based studio The Sparkle. Most of it was recorded live with Brigid playing guitar and singing, Peter Broderick on drums and violin, and David Allred on upright bass and trumpet.

“The Ones You Keep Close” EP, consists of a collection of older songs. Also included are 6 beautifully painted pictures from Brigid.

Releaseday 15. April 2017



I don't know how to do this naturally    

As i roved out                                                 


I told you the truth                                         

Heart pinch                                                    

We are quiet now                                         


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