Sebastian Selke x Daniel Selke - Q3A

this is a sample of..."Eventually, a dialogue is unleashed to overcome the separation and reveal something utterly moving – a third piece can be found when the two tracks are layered."


Released in a limited edition of 300 hand numbered 7” copies,

vinyl pressing of 'Q3A' comes in a beautifully packed 330g gatefold cardboard case with printed die-cut coverdesigned by Matthias Rehling featuring a texture by Daniel Selke made with a Reflekta II, assisted and digitalized by Anne Krausz. The 2 double-side printed covercard inserts feature 2 additionalphotographs by Harald Selke and Gabriele Selke the parents of the brothers made with a Zeiss Ikon and a Reflekta II and include liner notes, dedicated text and credits using 2 original fonts from the Communist-era GDR recommended by Torsten Posselt. The black inner paper sleeve comes including the download sticker with link and code to the digital version of the full EP.  
price 10€ 

limited edition of 17 handmade book edition with seal stamp (handnumbered copies)

price 25€

Sebastian Selke x Daniel Selke - Q3A "An Daniel" from CEEYS on Vimeo.