david allred - midstory

releasedate: april the 20th 2015

midstory will be released in spring 2015 on vinyl (incl. cd). in the past david has released only digital albums...this will be his first ever physical album.

"folks, i am delighted to share a sample from my next album that i am currently in the process of recording with peter broderick. at some point in time, when all things are said and done, there will be some wild and crazy sounds made by alicyn yaffee and rob bernknopf you’ll get to hear on the album as well… . and i must say, i couldn’t be happier with the contributions made by these 3 special humans i mentioned above. holy cow!"

(david allred october 2014)

normal edition special edition 12" vinyl / 5" cd

don't you wish


running out of color

path less taken

fly again




again and again

lost my voice

a particular light

when time flies

price 10€

limited handnumbered of 30

sold out!

cd edition (2nd edition 'green')

limited and handnumbered of 30

price 7€

David Allred Bundle:

osc 05 + osc 08

what for a bundle-format do you want? cd, vinyl...please contact me!

video made by peter broderick and david allred

video made by david allred

illustrated by jess desa