kepler - attic salt

the record „attic salt“ (2005) of the canadian band kepler to hear on vinyl, is definitely a good reason for myself to release it, and with that, making it possible for other vinyl-lovers to also enjoy it. attic salt will appear for the first time on vinyl in may 2014 on the german label oscarson.

kepler existed between 1997 and 2006 and broke up, after bandmember jeremy gara changed to arcade fire. their first two 12” (fuck fight fail and missionless days) were called in one breath with codeine, low and bedhead. their third and  last record took a new direction (slowcore to songcore) and certainly had a significant influence on bands such as broken social scene or apostle of hustle.  going for a lighter feeling using sweet harmonies, lush layers and some subtle wit, attic salt is deeply beautiful, haunting, and memorable…(original pressrelease 03/2014)

12" vinyl

broken bottles blackened hearts

thoroughbred gin

my other

the bedside manner

you must admit

the national epithet

days of begging

rented limousine

reward and respite

untrue (bonus song)

normal edition

price 12€

12” vinyl in beautiful gatefold sleeve, includes 1 unreleased song. an elaborately designed booklet (integrated in the cover) with lyrics and pictures and a gold-hot-foil stamped envelope. limited of 1000 (incl. a special edition about 50)




limited golden edition (50 numbered copies)   

sold out!