Lathe Cut Series:

Winterwood - Forever Changed

12" vinyl in a handmade sleeve including a 2 sheets (30x30cm) with lyrics, credits & photos. An envelope (15x15cm) with 6 photos and a card of dlc . Limited to 26 hand numbered copies

This is osc lc 05

All music written and performed by Winterwood 
Zac Winterwood - vocals, guitars, percussion 
Holly Winterwood - vocals, violin, piano, percussion, zither, hurdy gurdy 

Thanks to Adam Casey for - pedal steel, percussion, throat singing Recorded and mixed by Adam Casey at The True Vine 
Mastered by Adam Dempsey at Deluxe Audio Mastering Photography by Elzette Bester 

As Dawn Is                              


Homegrown Lines                   


Western Blues                        

Arms To The Wind                    

The Romance                          


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