Steven Doman - St-Octave

St-Octave is a collection of music that I created primarily during 2017 and 2018 for Grace Singh's documentary film ”Le Dernier Souffle” and the Netflix documentary series “Wild Wild Country.”

 In the summer of 2016 I packed all of my instruments into my car and left Los Angeles. I drove across the USA to Rivière-du-Loup, Québec, a small seaside town six hours northeast of Montréal.

The cost of living was so much lower than back home; I had time to re-connect with nature, study French and dive into learning analog synthesis. 



Snow Buntings   
La Greve       


standard - 10" vinyl incl. sheet with songs & credits and dlc - limited of 75

price 10€


MC - handmade cover (front stamped in gold) incl. sheets with songs & credits & pictures and dlc - limited of 50

price 5€


Special - 10" vinyl inside a handmade book with image stamped in gold. Booklet incl. sheets with songs & credits & photos and dlc - limited of 27

sold out!