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Minaxi - Lazuleen

This deluxe packaging of Minaxi's sophomore album, "Lazuleen" includes the following:
a) A gorgeous blue vinyl, double-sided insert enclosed in a beautifully designed cover.
b) A 36 page booklet containing the lyrics, artwork, liner notes, photography and credits.
c) A digital download of the album featuring 11 A-sides and 5 B-sides, plus a bandcamp exclusive digital version of the 40 page booklet, digital posters and album artwork.

Designed by Shrenik Ganatra.

Releaseday june 10th, 2022

Limited to 250 copies

oscarson no. 42


Blanket Swimming - In Flower Made Masses

12" vinyl inclusive 1 printed sheet (incl. dlc)
Artwork and design by Daniel J. Gregory
Limited to 26 copies

This is osc lc 13

photo by Claus Dressler



cassette of the first CEEYS album 'The Grunewald Church Session'. originally released at 1631 recordings in 2016, but only digitally. 
the complete album is playable on both sides of the tape. the snapbox is incl. a j-card with liner notes and a printed picture. the cover front has a real photo. packed in a stamped cardboard mailer. plus a bc-dlc
lim. to 100 handnumbered copies

price: 10€

releaseday: 11th of february '22

this is osc no. 41


Edward Sikorski - Basic Colours

12" lathe cut vinyl & cd (incl. a dlc)

Limited to 25 hand numbered copies each

releaseday: 3th of december '21

This is osc lc 12


Celer - Sunspots

2x 12" vinyl in a handmade gatefold cover. Front and back printed (created by Will Long). Inside stamped in metallic and handnumbered plus dlc (each copy is unique). Included a sheet with the story behind the album. All in a plastic sleeve with sticker.
lim. to 145 

price: 30€

releaseday: 26th of november '21

this is osc no. 38


Dimuzio / Wobbly / Courtis - Redwoods Interpretive

12" vinyl

artwork by TJ Norris

2 different editions availabe:

standard limited to 150 copies (20€) & handmade limited to 20 copies (35€)

releaseday: 29th of october '21

this is osc no. 35


Pascal Babare - Cave Without A Name

12" vinyl

Limited to 125 handmade copies 

releaseday: 17th of september '21

This is osc no. 36


dormer. - s/t

12" vinyl

Limited to 100 copies in 2 different editions

releaseday: 27th of august '21

This is osc no. 34


Front Artwork by BlexBolex
(Bild: Blexbolex, © Jacoby & Stuart)


Daniel Bürkner - Landschaft aus Papier

Daniel is better known under the project 'Squares on Both Sides'

12" vinyl

Limited to 200 copies

releaseday: 9th of july '21

This is osc no. 32


Brueder Selke - QP

QP is the 2nd part after the Q3A release in 2019

7" vinyl

Limited to 300 hand numbered copies each

releaseday: 11th of june '21

This is osc no. 33


Benjamin Finger - Exit du Depart (osc 30)

available on vinyl and cd...and digital (via bandcamp, spotfy...and all other digital shops)....

...also a very limited (numbered & signed) photobook by the artist called 'Selected Mistakes'.

Preorder march 19th / releaseday april 17th


David Allred - Smeels Like Everyone's Watching

10" lathe cut vinyl & cd (incl. a dlc)

Limited to 25 hand numbered copies each

releaseday: 26th of february '21

This is osc lc 10


David Allred - Beam

10" lathe cut vinyl & cd (incl. a dlc)

Limited to 25 hand numbered copies each

releaseday: 24th of december '20

This is osc lc 09


Last Place – In The Twilight 

Releaseday december the 4th 2020

12" vinyl inclusive 2 printed sheets on shimmered cardboard with lyrics, credits.... (incl. dlc)
Limited to 26 copies

This is osc lc 08


Marie Awadis - Una Corda Diaries

10" vinyl (incl. a dlc)

Limited in 2 handmade deluxe editions

preorder is on and the releaseday is 28.November 2020


David Newlyn - New Age

12" lathe cut vinyl & cd (incl. a dlc)

Limited to 25 hand numbered copies each

releaseday: october '20

This is osc lc 07


Kim's Spirit - Kim / Spectral

...a new project by Lee Noble!

10" lathe cut vinyl / book

10" vinyl integrated in a handmade sleeve including a 20 sheet printed (26x26cm) booklet with art by Lee Noble. (incl. a dlc)
Limited to 26 hand numbered copies

releaseday: may the 9th '20

This is osc lc 06



Anthony Baden Saggers - Sketches From A Minor Tragedy (osc 27) 12" vinyl + dlc

better known as the man behind 'Stray Ghost'. 

Preorder april 4th / releaseday april 25th


Montevale - Figure and Ground (osc 26)

available on vinyl and tape (here) and digital (via bandcamp, spotfy...and all other digital shops)

Preorder february 28th / releaseday march 27th


Rutger Zuydervelt & Bill Seaman - Movements of Dust (osc 25)

available in 2 editions (here) and digital (via bandcamp, spotfy...and all other digital shops)

Preorder december 7th / releaseday january 4th


Old Amica - drone and hum

12" lathe cut vinyl

releaseday: december 13th

This is osc lc 04


Cody Noon are an instrumental duo from Reading, UK. They sit at the crossroads of emo, slowcore, classic quiet/LOUD post rock and atmospheric electronic music. 

On "Ace of Wands", the band have broadened their minimalist sound to encompass more expansive and electronic textures to evoke a year of personal change. It's about loving ghosts, wrestling, claiming abandoned spaces and coming out as transgender. Ultimately it's about whatever you feel when you let their hypnotic sounds take you away. 


Cody Noon - Ace of Wands 

12" vinyl in different editions

Releaseday: November the 23rd

Preorder starts NOW!

oscarson no. 24


Releaseday: Halloween '19 (31.10.19)


Veteran experimental musician Ross Gentry returns with a new album that showcases the legitimate evolution of his craft. His eclectic approach manages to intelligently bridge the genres of ambient, drone, synth, and folk onto a modern classical canvas. After many releases on different labels (Bathetic Records, Headway Recordings) and under the 'Villages' name, Ross dropped the moniker and enlisted the talents of Asheville, NC based string trio 'Mountain Bitters' to bring this dynamic recording to life. 'Memory and Passage' documents the elegant maturation of a composer's efforts.


 PRE-ORDER starts october the 3rd!!!!

The official releaseday is October the 26th


The first cd edition is sold out...HURRA! But not be's a new beautiful silver edition available :-)


Kele Goodwin - Moonbug (osc no 22)

12" vinyl in 2 limited editions and digital via bc


special offer: 

20% discount on all other items on oscarson until september the 15th 


Lathe cut series: the volume settings folder - Hothocleana 12" Lathe Cut Vinyl

Releaseday: 06.07.2019


special offer:

TVSF-Bundle (Hothocleana / Laguna)

20% discount of all other items


Lucy Roleff - Left Open in a Room (12" vinyl / cd)

Pre-Order for the physical editions starts next saturday the 20th of april

Releaseday is may the 15th


standard 12" vinyl (limited of 270)

cd (limited of 300)

special handmade edition 12" vinyl + cd (limited of 30)


Pre-Order 1. Marz 2019 ---------- Releaseday 29. März 2019

Sebastian Selke x Daniel Selke - Q3A

“It’s an extraordinary piece of music. It’s a work of two brothers, Sebastian on cello and Daniel on piano, […].This is a project, which is actually dedicated to their parents and it is written about the buildings that surrounded them in their childhood, growing up on the streets of East Berlin.“ – Mary Anne Hobbs BBC Radio 6 Music


The brothers Sebastian and Daniel grew up during critical times – back in the 1980s when the former GDR was slowly starting to dissolve – in the far east of Berlin. The newly built prefab estates that marked this area were named with different types. Q3A was short for “Querwandtyp Nr. 3, Variante A“ (Cross-Wall Construction). 


Here, Sebastian and Daniel practiced cello and piano from an early age. In search for a shared musical language, the longtime-collaboration CEEYS was born out of “violoncelle“ and “keys.“ 


Recorded and mixed at their Klingenthal studio, the EP is a first in more than one sense: using a cello from Klingenthal and handmade synthesizers from Erlbach, the A-side marks Sebastian’s first solo release. Daniel, on the B-side, is playing his restored childhood upright, combining it with a russian altered, organic drone synthesizer.


Eventually, a dialogue is unleashed to overcome the separation and reveal something utterly moving – a third piece can be found when the two tracks are layered. 


Preorder now: **Very** limited 2xLP (lim. 175) // ...and alsoplanned is a Very...VERY limited handmade special edition (lim. around 20 copies)!!!! Remastered / 22 Songs / 1st. time ever vinyl / + dlc Artwork by Louis-Alexandre Beauregard


Happy to announce!

Peter and David are coming back to Dinklage! A new location and some new songs...same great guys! Oh! and on this day there will be a new record release from "Andrea  Tomasi + David Allred / Peter Broderick" (out on oscarson)

Wie gehts zum Hof Arlinghaus (Bücker):

von Dinklage kommend ca. 2,8 km Richtung Quakenbrück fahren

dann rechts in die LAGER STRASSE abbiegen - Richtung Addrup/Wulfenau

nach ca. 2,1 km links in den WULFENAUER DAMM fahren

nach ca. 1,1km links abbiegen in die Straße WULFENAUER WOHLD

Hof Bücker liegt nach ca. 200m auf der rechten Seite


Steven Doman - St-Octave (10" vinyl + MC)

Releaseday 27.10.2018

Preorder 06.10.2018



Nu Nog Even Niet - #1 & #2 (12" Vinyl)

(a project by Chantal Acda & Lotte Dodion)

READY FOR PREORDER................Releaseday: 9.06.2018

Special Bundle Offer: "Nu Nog Even Niet #1 & #2" plus "oscarsongs complilation" (incl. an unreleased song from Chantal Acda)

together for 25€


out on oscarson december '17 on a 10" vinyl incl. 8 songs on black vinyl, dlc, gatefold sleeve, handmade thread stitched booklet....handmade music....and of course a very limited special edition!!!




Pre-Order 18.03.2017                  -                   Releaseday 15.04.2017


The Workhouse - Now I am on fire (Pre-order 04.02.2017)


Im Zeitraum vom 4.02. bis 04.03. gibt es einen Rabatt von 20% auf alle anderen Oscarson-Tonträger!


oscarsongs (compilation)

Unveröffentliche Songs von Peter Broderick, Chantal Acda, David Allred, Andrea Tomasi, Johanna Warren, Brigid Mae Power, Steven Doman, Joanna Sternberg, The Mike Penny Orchestra, Jung Body, Good Enough For Grandpa und Ian Griffith. Veröffentlichung 3. Dezember 2016


Vorverkauf: 22.10.2016 --- Veröffentlichung:12.11.2016


Vorverkauf: 03.09.2016 --- Veröffentlichung: 24.09.2016



the volume settings folder ist der italienische ambient/postrock musiker m. beckmann. laguna ist seine erste vinylveröffentlichung nach einigen digitalen und cd-veröffentlichungen.

veröffentlichung: 25. märz 2016

vorverkauf: 26. februar 2016


standard: 12" vinyl + cd (125 stück)

sonder: 12" vinyl + cd "holzbox" (handnummeriert 25 stück)

 vinyl: 12" vinyl + mp3 runterladekarte (handnummeriert 25 stück)

cd: cd (handnummeriert 25 stück)

video von m. beckmann



one boy on the beach, flying his kite in the summer breeze. the arctic flow is brian hancheck, the boy in question. creating songs of love, loss, joy and sadness.

after a couple of digital releases and cdr’s, “the luminous veil” is the second vinyl release from the arctic flow. four new songs on a 10” vinyl incl. a 3” cd.


testpressung passt und am 14.11.2015 startet die preorder für the luminous veil (2 version gibts). ausserdem ist am 14.11. videopremiere für den song "daffodils"!

veröffentlichung ist dann am 14.12.2015


....the arctic flow wird im sommer 2015 die nächste veröffentlichung auf oscarson sein. die 10" (incl. 3"cd) wird den titel "the luminous veil" tragen und 4 neue songs enthalten. janne jürgensen ist auch wieder mit von der partie und zwar wird er für den song "daffodils" einen clip beisteuern. FREUDE!


....daumen hoch für midstory!                                vorverkauf ab 05.04.2015 und veröffentlichung am 20.04.2015

2 versionen incl. einer 12" vinyl und einem handgemachtem booklet mit cd, texte und einem gedicht geschrieben von peter broderick


....die veröffentlichung von "aerial - put it this way in headlines" ist am 16. märz 2015. es besteht die möglichkeit, sich die platte im vorverkauf zu sichern. in dieser zeit gibt es auch einen preisnachlass von 20% auf die anderen tonträger (undiscovered/talby, the workhouse, kepler).

----- frühling 2015 wird david allred sein vinyldebut auf oscarson geben. david kommt gebürtig aus der nähe von sacramento (californien) und ist derzeit in portland (oregon) zu hause. in den letzten jahren hat er einige digitale alben eingespielt, die allesamt von ihm instrumentiert sind (gesang, trompete, gitarre, bass, klavier etc.). musikalisch fühlt er sich durch peter broderick, heather woods broderick, nick drake, elliott smith, greg haines nur einige zu nennen. "midstory" ist aufgenommen und abgemischt von peter broderick.


....die testpressung ist da und für (sehr) gut befunden worden. die produktion der hauptauflage läuft an und auch das cover ist in den letzten zügen. 2014 wird leider ein wenig knapp, aber dafür können wir uns 2015 auf die erste vinylveröffentlichung von aerial freuen!


....das nächste release auf oscarson wird aerial aus schweden sein. das 2009 auf no method als cd veröffentlichte album "put it this way in headlines" wird erstmalig ende 2014 / anfang 2015 auf oscarson als vinyl (2x 12") erscheinen. es wird 2 unterschiedliche versionen geben, wobei es eine normale und eine extralimitierte version (40 stück handnummeriert) geben wird.