ross gentry - memory & passage

Ross Gentry is an ambient artist from Asheville NC. He is better known as the ambient/drone project 'Villages'. He released a couple of records in the past on different labels (Bathetic Records, Headway Recordings..). Memory & Passage is his first release under his own name and was arranged with the string trio 'Mountain Bitters'


The releaseday for Memory & Passage is october the 26th and the preorder starts october the 3rd. Available as a 12" vinyl over the homepage, bandcamp, discogs, norman records...and the digitals over bandcamp.

The vinyl is packaged in a completly handmade edition and is limited to 100

This is oscarson no. 23 


A Memory

Ornamental Language

A Coarse Veil

Verging On The Dim

Maudlin Age




A Passage                                

The Silent Knowing                   

A Film Of Dreams                     

Receding Years                        


price: 20€