anthene - held

Brad Deschamps has been recording and releasing music as anthéne since 2015 and has released his music on a number of labels, including Home Normal, Past Inside the Present, Constellation Tatsu as well as his own Polar Seas Recordings label. He has also collaborated with like-minded artists Ian Hawgood, Andrew Tasselmyer, Clara Engel and Simon McCorry on several releases. Brad’s music is mainly composed using electric guitar, Juno synthesizer, various acoustic instruments and field recordings to create melodic and texturally rich pieces.

Held is the first anthéne album to feature collaborations with other artists. For this release Brad recorded several pieces with the intention of incorporating additional elements, such as cello and voice. He reached out to friends Simon McCorry (cello), Clara Engel (voice), Ian Hawgood (modular synth and mixing) and Michael Mucci (guitar and lap steel) to add melodies and texture to several of the pieces. The cello parts were initially written by Brad using vst software, however having Simon perform them brought out a much more human and emotional element to the pieces and the end result is one of the most engaging and diverse albums of Brad’s to date.


beneath the trees 


at a glance


moments fall



above the clouds


12" vinyl with 2 sheets with credits, pictures + dlc. Cover pictures and the photography inside by April suen.
limited to 80 copies 
12" vinyl in a complete handmade sleeve. 
Outside a handwritten banderole in glossy silver, Inside a die cut sleeve with a sheet for credits/tracks, 4x cardboard with glossy photos fixed by silver photo corners. Vinyl in a blue inner sleeve + a gatefold dlc (artwork of the standard edition!). Photos by April suen.
limited to 20 copies 
price 18€ sold out!