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In the spring months of 2014 we recorded our first instrumental album that later would get the title Drone and Hum. We spent four days in a living-room in Stockholm, with instruments lying scattered around the piano. Whenever someone had an idea we would just press record and try to capture it without polishing it too much. We didn’t really purposefully set out to record an album without lyrics, but it sort of just happened. A couple of days before we started recording I read a collection of diary entries by Virginia Woolf and there was this one passage describing a visit to her childhood summerhouse that really stuck with me. Since we didn’t have any lyrics this time, this passage served as guiding words when recording.

There was the house, with its two lighted windows; all, so far as we could see was as though we had but left in the morning. But yet, as we knew well, we could go no further; if we advanced the spell was broken. The lights were not our lights; the voices were the voices of strangers. We hung there like ghosts in the shade of the hedge, & at the sound of footsteps we turned away.
(Virginia Woolf)

There is something heartbreaking in revisiting childhood spaces and realize that by and large it was time that fraught them with a magical shimmer. Drone and Hum was released digitally on September 5th 2014. 

It’s now been five years, but we’re very excited that on December 13th a limited physical lathe cut edition of Drone and Hum will be released on Oscarson. We wanted to do something special for this so we reached out to J.M Almqvist for the artwork with the only instruction being the Virginia Woolf passage. We also asked our talented friend Andrea Lundgren if she wanted to write something for the release. We also sent her Woolf’s words. We wanted three different interpretations - visual, musical and textual - of the same words to make up the limited edition lathe cut release of Drone and Hum. 

We also asked friends and people we admire if they wanted to remix / rework some of the songs from Drone and Hum. The result is Drone and Hum Reworked and we’re so incredibly grateful for the beautiful contributions and new perspectives.

As we did five years ago, we dedicate the album to our grandmothers (Herta & Sonja), to the place where we started making music together (Traneberg), to our idols (Virginia & Joni), and to the lingering memories (Solstrimman & Eric's Dinosaurs). 

Thank you for listening. 


12" vinyl in a handmade sleeve including a 6 paged booklet featuring photos by J.M Almqvist and a short story (in Swedish) by Andrea Lundgren. Also, it comes with an additional (stamped) box which includes the English translation of the short story and a small etched iron ore inside an extra bag. An envelope with 2 cards of dlc (drone and hum / drone and hum reworked). Artwork by J.M Almqvist.

Limited to 26 hand numbered copies

This is osc lc 04

price: 34€