aerial - put it this way in headlines

after five weeks of intense post-production, it's finally time to release the third aerial full-length album. itwill be a thirteen track piece called "put it this way in headlines" (a phrase borrowed from the great poet and visionary allen ginsberg). the music differs significantly from aerial's earlier works. when they did promotion to their last record (the half hour post-rock experiment called "the sentinel"), joakim suddenly decided to go on a trip to peru. aerial, in need of a bass playing substitute, called in old friend niklas wennerstrand.

they started writing songs together and when joakim finally returned, niklas refused to leave.

aerial, now a quintet, started to sound differently than before. the stagnant post-rock scene seemed more and more uninteresting and the band started to make music in a more playful and unpretentious way.

"we've never really had a plan in making music, even though we've said so in interviews to look cool and academic, and every step we took led us further away from post-rock and anything related. we started thinking about press-shoots with us killing doves and played more untuned than ever, both mentally and instrumentally. some may say we have strolled off in our expression, but in fact this where aerial once started off".

the sentinel was the exception, and the new album connects seamlessly to the work they did on "black rain from the bombing" and even earlier adventures. in fact, much of the material on the record is based on riffs and ideas from the brftb era.

this is the kind of music they grew up with and that they love. "put it this way in headlines" also marks a turning point for aerial in terms of recording. they spent only five days in studio with their good friend stefan aronsson, and made all post-production and vocals, synthesizers etc themselves.

"this is the closest to what we want to do with our sound that we have come yet. we hope you..ll like it as much as we do." put it this way in headlines (original press-review)

2x12" vinyl

normal edition

price 4€

record 2 is very warped / wavy (especially side d) but playable

first of all…

in our wake

velvet light trap

i am tv

he looked at the sky and mumbled;


canvas people

gently stunned

vacant dreamers

malkmus in the middle

all refrain

quite a few homes later

guitar ode to a sunny afternoon

screen printed (40 hand-numbered copies)

price 18€