Immigrant's self-titled debut album was released in 2002 on Fence Records. Two further Fence albums, Mother Tongue and A Nowhere Place appeared in 2003 and 2004 respectively. Son Of Immigrant, part of Fence Records' Picket Fence series, originally appeared in 2004, and was later expanded for a full album release in 2009.

In 2008, Chaffinch Records released a set of demos entitled Love's The Only Thing That Matters, which was followed in 2009 by two self-released albums, Red River and Queen Of Angels.

2010 saw the release of So Pachinko, Heart Leaps and Women Folk, and Jao, with a further album, No Refuge, appearing in 2011.

Talisman and Nation Of Immigrants were both released in 2012.

Creatureland, Immigrant's thirteenth album, was released in 2014 and included a boxed special edition, signaling a move into hand-painted, hand-crafted releases.

In 2015, Brian Records compiled a retrospective of short Immigrant songs for a bespoke release on 3" CD, with each edition featuring original artwork by artist and label founder Jimlad. In the same year, a retrospective entitled Crayon Era documented the first twelve years of Immigrant's recorded work, and was exclusively available through Norman Records. Each edition came in its own hand-stitched cloth case and featured hand-painted covers and exclusive photographs.

2017 sees the release of Wounded Healer through Oscarson, on both CD and vinyl. A special, numbered edition will also be available on vinyl, each including original artwork by Immigrant.