david allred

david allred (born 1992) grew up in california, near the city of sacramento. after falling in love with the trumpet, he decided to study jazz, and could be found transcribing and recreating the solos of chet baker. but david's musical curiosity took him far beyond the trumpet and jazz, and soon he was experimenting in all different styles of music. he started to sing, play the guitar, the upright bass, the piano, just about any instrument he could find. in his late teens and early twenties, he started to record his own songs, releasing countless albums for free online, sometimes as frequently as a once a month.


these early recordings caught the ear of peter broderick, who moved back to his home state of oregon around the same time that david moved up to portland in 2013. and it didn't take long for them to start collaborating. david played on peter's songs, peter played on david's songs, and eventually peter invited david out to his studio on the oregon coast to record an album.


the result is david allred's midstory, recorded and mixed by peter broderick at the sparkle. full of layered voices and a large variety of instrumentation, the songs on midstory are kind of all over the place. there are moments of intricate musicality, there are moments of subtle calming beauty, and there are moments that are downright hilarious. it's a curious album, created by people who remain in awe of what is possible in this strange land we call music.


midstory 12" + cd (2015)

don't you wish


running out of color

path less taken

fly again




again and again

lost my voice

a particular light

when time flies


Song For Chantal

Jesus Was A Cross Maker



The Universe



woods 10" vinyl (2016)